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KNOWLEDGE (GYAAN) AT MLVB.. for everyone!

Yoga classes

Get ready to be stretched and toned at our weekly yoga classes.
Come and see the physical and mental benefits of this ancient technique of the union of the mind, body and soul.

Teacher: Kate Mckenzie, will be teaching spinal alignment, physical co-ordination, enhancing muscle strength and general suppleness.
Please bring mat & blanket or warm cover for relaxation.
All levels welcome.
Plenty of parking available on Honor Oak BR/Buses P4 & P12
Time & Date: Tuesdays 7:30-9:00pm £8
Frequency: Weekly.
Contact Kate directly: www.katemckenzie.co.uk


Vedanta Classes

Vedanta is a spiritual tradition explained in the Upanishads that is concerned with the self-realisation  by which one understands the ultimate nature of reality (Brahman). Vedanta which implies "the end of all knowledge" - by definition is not restricted or confined to one book and there is no sole source for Vedantic philosophy. Vedanta is based on immutable spiritual laws that are common to religions and spiritual traditions worldwide. Vedanta as the end of knowledge refers to a state of self-realisation, attainment, or cosmic consciousness.

Teachers: Sundar & Saraswati Rajan
Time & Date: Forthnightly on Fridays 7.30-8.45 pm
Frequency: Continuing Fortnightly

Hindi classes

Come and learn the language of of culture. Various levels of learning are available, from writing the alphabet to writing GCSE examinations.

Teacher: Shri Ved Mohla
Time & Date: Sundays 12-1 pm
Frequency: Please check with Shri Ved ji.

Sanskrit Om
Sanskrit Classes

Take the opportunity to learn this beautiful ancient language, the language of our holy scriptures.

Teacher: Mrs Nina Fallwell
Time & Date: Sundays 12-1 pm
Frequency: Please check with Nina ji.