Protest against French Retailer – Minelli Shoes by Shri Bankim Gossai

Hindus and Friends of Hindus from all parts of the country converged outside of the French Embassy in London to protest against the despicable behaviour of French retailer Minelli in selling shoes with images of our Lord Rama. Maha Lakshmi Vidya Bhavan members joined organisations including Hindu Human Rights, Hindu Forum of Britain and Hindu Youth UK to demand the immediate removal of these shoes from sale. 
What this group of French people has done to Hindus, and to the oldest Religion of the world, is disrespect and insult to the lowest of levels! Their action to imprint images of our Lord on ladies shoes has caused immense pains to Hindus and worshippers of Bhagwaan Raam, in every corner of the globe, not just France and Britain. 
Let me remind the world and in particular that French corporation, which has caused untold sadness in the Hindu world, that, wherever Hindus are, the name of Lord Raam is chanted, sung and revered and that makes such a place the Holy Land of Ayodhya.
Avadha taha jahaa Raam nivaasa 
divas tahaa jahaa Bhaanu prakaasa

Where there is daylight, there is the Sun; so too where our Lord’s name is sung such a place HE resides and such a place becomes Ayodhya!! France is no exception. 
Our Lord’s Feet were washed by Kevat, the boatman who understood the true essence of love. Bharat ji worshipped HIS sandals during Lord Raama’s stay in the forest. And our Shree Hanumaan ji who gave His entire life in the service of Shree Raam, lived in Love at HIS feet. Hindus today worshipped HIS Holy Feet on a daily basis. The French company, therefore, must never be allowed again to tread upon images of our Lord, an act despicable, inexcusable and unheard of. 
It is a fact that Hindus are peace loving, tolerant and hardworking people, who respect all other faiths and beliefs and interferes with no one. Now it is our duty to continue the process of education, that is educating the world as to the great teachings which Shree Sanatan Dharma has to offer Humanity. 
This must be the bounding duty of each and every Hindu to bring awareness of our religion and culture to all. Also this must be a signal for governments and nations across the world to recognise Hinduism as a major religion, founded on Truth, and to be represented in major religious decisions.

Protestors outside French Embassy in London

MLVB members protesting

Protestors gather outide French Embassy

Kimi & Davina from MLVB voice their protest

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