Holi 2006

This year’s Holi Celebrations at the Maha lakshmi Vidya Bhavan was the best so far. The packed Mandir vibrated to the sound of Dholak, Jhaang and Tabla, dozens of MLVB Youths singing Holi songs and traditional Chowtall at the top of their voices. There was an interactive presentation on the significance of Holi by Davina Gossai, Kimi Dial and Ria Dial. Richard Motie was at the controls of the Power Point Presentation. The entire programme was co-ordinated by Pandit Ramesh Charan. Special Holi Greetings was sent by Shri Bankim Gossai who is currently in the USA.
Some devotees could not resist the pulsating rhythm of the music and spontaneously started dancing. The hour long programme was concluded with Aarti and prasadam and then THE REAL FUN BEGAN.
Powder, abeer, abrack, and perfume were used by all to lovingly meet and greet friends and family in traditional Holi Style. The celebrations continued outside in the neighboring park where powder, abeer and abrack were thrown at everyone. After the festivities a delicious lunch was served by Aunty Mattie and Aunty Jenny.
There is absolutely no limit to the amount of fun you can have! If you missed out on HOLI 2006 then start making preparations for HOLI 2007 MLVB STYLE!!!
If you would like to join the MLVB Youth Group please contact Davina Gossai. Email: davinagossai@hotmail.com

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