In January 2005 Guyana experienced the worst flood in living memory. Thousands of people were displaced and lost their livelihoods.
Maha Lakshmi Vidya Bhavan responded by holding a fund raising concert to raise money for the flood disaster victims. The event took place in the presence of the First Lady of Guyana, Mrs. Varshanie Jagdeo and His Excellency, the High Commissioner of Guyana, Shri Laleshwar Singh.
Over £2800 in cash was raised on the evening of the concert. Additionally, hundreds of pounds worth of disposable masks, gloves, aprons, 10,000 paracetomol tablets, 20 fogging machines and substantial amounts of food, clothes and medical supplies were collected and sent though the help of Kids First Fund.
In March 2005, Mrs. Jagdeo paid another visit to our Mandir and expressed her gratitude to the devotees of MLVB, for their hard work and efforts towards the flood disaster relief effort. MLVB continues to pledge their support to aid the relief effort and also to support Kids First Fund.
Kids First Fund is a charity founded by Guyana’s First Lady. Its aim is to provide emergency medical care and support such as wheelchairs, x-rays, surgery and arranging flights to and from Guyana for the benefit of sick and underprivileged children in Guyana.
If you would like to make a donation to or received information on either Kids First Fund or Guyana’s Flood Disaster Relief Effort please contact:
Miss Kieran Singh 
Kids First Fund 
c/o Guyana High Commission 
3 Palace Court 
Bayswater Road 
London W2 4LP

Donations/cheques should be made payable to “Kids First Fund Flood Relief”
United Kingdom: Abbey Account No: K7105123KID 
Guyana: Scotia Bank Account No: 10006705 
Corresponding Bank: HSBC Plc Swift: MIDLGP22C Transit: 30775

Guyana High Commission 
3 Palace Court 
Bayswater Road 
London W2 4LP 
Telephone: 020 7229 7684 
Fax: 020 7727 9809

Donation/cheques should be made payable to “Guyana Flood Disaster Fund”

Prayers for flood victims

High Commissioner and First Lady of Guyana

MLVB Youths Performing

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